Learners in a TaRL classroom activity. Photo Credits: TaRL Africa

The governments of Kaduna and Bauchi states have committed to implementing Teaching at the Right Level (TaRL) pilots after a successful TaRL programme that was implemented in Borno state in November 2021. The pilots are being led by the respective State Universal Basic Education Boards (SUBEB) of Kaduna and Bauchi with support from UNICEF Nigeria and TaRL Africa.

Kaduna state, popularly known as the “center for learning”, is implementing the Teaching pilot in Ikara Local Government Area (LGA). The program named “KadTaRL” will be implemented in all 173 schools in the LGA, reaching over 30,000 thousand learners. According to the UNICEF’s Education Officer, Mr Francis Elisha, the education crisis in Kaduna State and Nigeria informed their decision to support TaRL implementation in Kaduna. Mr Elisha further alluded to assessments conducted by trained Master Trainers during practice classes as evidence that pupils require TaRL to bridge learning gaps. 

In Bauchi State, the TaRL programme will be piloted in all government primary schools in Alkaleri LGA. The program will target 238 schools to reach 18,957 children. The TaRL Africa Content and Training team supported the training of Master Trainers, alongside experienced master trainers from the BAY states (Borno, Adamawa, and Yobe states), and continues to provide support for the training of mentors in Bauchi and Kaduna states.

The pilot programmes will be implemented for all pupils in primary four to six in both states and are scheduled to commence in September 2022 amidst high expectations from learners, teachers, and parents. With the addition of Bauchi and Kaduna states, TaRL programs will be active in seven states in Northern Nigeria and in over 2000 schools in the coming academic year.