TaRL Virtual Workshop – 2021

12 – 23 April 2021

Accepting applications until 19 March, 2021.

Teaching at the Right Level (TaRL) Africa team and Young 1ove, with support from organisations implementing TaRL across Africa, will host a virtual 10-day TaRL workshop from April 12th to April 23rd, 2021. If you are interested, please apply through this link.

What will the workshop cover?

The TaRL Workshop will cover the basics of TaRL, with a focus on TaRL classroom methodology. It will be facilitated by TaRL Africa team staff, as well as experienced TaRL implementers and instructors from across Africa. The agenda will be shared closer to the workshop date.

Who should attend the workshop?

TaRL workshops are designed for organisations or individuals interested in implementing the TaRL approach in Africa. There are a limited number of spots available. Participants will be selected based on their application. Participants that will be selected are expected to implement  the TaRL approach after the workshop either through practicing the approach in the classroom or through delivering TaRL in schools or communities

What is the TaRL approach?

The TaRL approach shifts the focus of education systems from schooling for all to learning for all,  across multiple domains, as illustrated below.  Each domain works together to ensure that children’s learning is at the centre of every decision and action in the educational ecosystem. This approach allows students who have been left behind by the education system to catch up rapidly and improve their literacy and numeracy skills.

TaRL: Shifting the focus from schooling to learning

The  COVID-19 pandemic has made innovations in education even more important. The pandemic has left an unprecedented more than 1 billion children out of school for substantial periods of time, which has exacerbated the already existing global learning crisis (Andrabi, Daniels, and Das 2020). As the COVID-19 crisis is expected to widen the gap between children with access to learning resources out of school and those without, teachers are likely to return to classes with an even wider range of kids’ abilities in their classrooms, making their jobs even more difficult, and risking even more children left further behind. The consequences of this crisis require us to connect assessment with learning and focus on the foundations to ensure equitable learning for all.  You can learn more about the effects of COVID-19 on education on our blog.

How can I apply for the workshop?

The application is now live on the TaRL website and can be found here. The application deadline is 19 March, 2021. If you have any questions, please email us at workshop.comms@teachingattherightlevel.org.

How much does the workshop cost?

As the training will be virtual, there will be no cost for attendance. However, the participants will need to cover the costs of their own materials that will be used in the training.

Are there any other requirements for the training?

As the training will be virtual, there will be no cost for attendance. However, the participants will need to cover the costs of their own materials that will be used in the training. As the training will be virtual, every participant will need a computer with a working webcam and microphone, and a strong internet connection. (The connection speed should be at least 1.0 MB/sec)

How can I learn more about TaRL?

To learn more, please visit the Young 1ove and  TaRL websites. To stay up to date with TaRL news from across Africa, please sign up for the TaRL newsletter.

Young 1ove and TaRL Africa Team Partnership

Young 1ove is an organisation dedicated to evidence-backed interventions for youth. Within the TaRL Africa community, Young 1ove is the Innovation Hub for Africa, providing a demonstration site for interested governments and organisations, and collaborating with a broader TaRL community to host workshops on the TaRL approach.